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Current issue: Fall 2016

Past issues:

Winter 2015-2016

From the Archivist
Meet Jessica Long
Archives Month poster

Summer 2015

From the Archivist: Changes and Transitions / Emily Dominick
Inhabiting a Saint's World (Fr. Jon Buffington)
The Icing on the Cake: a Jubilee Story

 Winter 2014-2015

Celebrating 150 Years of Native American Ministry
Reader’s Corner: “Storming the Old Boys’ Citadel”
SP Spotlight: Providencia Tolan
Picturing Providence

Summer 2014

The Bell & The River History, Part 2
Providence Archives Staff Participates in International Meeting
Wheelchair Finds New Home on Stage       

Spring 2014

St. Joseph of the Flood statue made by Mother Joseph
The Great Flood of 1894
Picturing Providence: St. Joseph of the Flood through time

Winter 2013-2014

The Bell & The River History
SP Spotlight: Mary Leopoldine Throll
Picturing Providence: Digitized Films Now Available on YouTube

Fall 2013

50th Anniversary of Regina House
SP Spotlight: Mary Regina Bomber
Picturing Providence: Regina House Through the Years

Spring 2013

Archives Mystery Solved: Missing Film Found
SP Spotlight: Solange Schiller
Picturing Providence: Archives in the Movies

Winter 2012-2013

News from the Archives
Searching the Archives: Origin of "Aspirations to Divine Providence" Music
Picturing Providence: Archives in the Movies

Fall 2012

History of Providence Archives
Archives Timeline
Picturing Providence: Historical Images of Providence Archives

Summer 2012

Providence Academy Developments
SP Spotlight: Sister Cecilia Mary Kucera
Picturing Providence: Providence Academy Development Plan, 1972

Winter 2011-2012

Wax Workshop
CONTENTdm New Features

Fall 2011

A History of Mission Effectiveness
SP Spotlight: Sister Honora Collins
Archives Month Activities

Spring 2011

Lost-Scanned-Found: Scanning Project
SP Spotlight: Sister Mary Edna Beaudreau
Focusing on the Farm at Mary Immaculate School

Winter 2010-2011

Archivists Without Borders: North American Providence Archivists Meet
SP Spotlight: Sister Vincent Ferrier Proulx
Picturing Providence: Our Lady of Seven Dolors School (Tulalip, Washington)

Summer 2010

New Digital Collections Database
Review: Women and Spirit Exhibit
Did You Know: Sister Profession Numbers
Exhibit Program
St. Lawrence Day

Winter 2010

Sisters of Providence Formation
Spotlight: Sr. Martin Lefrancois
Picturing Providence: A Ceremony of Change
Did You Know: Temporary Vows
New Archives Supervisor, Sr. Judith Desmarais
Volunteer, Sr. Virginia Miller

Fall 2009

The Way it Was in Providence Schools
Spotlight: Sr. Mary Loretta Gately
Picturing Providence: A Lifelong Educator
Providence Schools of Mother Joseph Province

Spring 2009

Providence and its Nursing Legacy
New Staff Member Pam Hedquist
Spotlight: Sr. John Gabriel Ryan
Picturing Providence: The Teacher and the Nurse
The Nurse's Cap and Pin
New Accession: General Hospital, Everett

Winter 2008/2009

New Accession: St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank
What's New In the Archives?
Reader's Corner - Living the Legacy: A History of Sacred Heart School of Nursing
Picturing Providence: Archives Month Poster
"Change": A Poem by Margarita Acosta, SP
Erratum (Sesquicentennial Timeline)

Summer 2008

From the Archivist: Lights! Camera! Action! Alaska Connections
Picturing Providence: The Coadjutrix Sisters of Providence

Spring 2008

The Results Are In...(user survey)
What's New in the Archives?
SP Spotlight - Sr. Ethel Richardson
Picturing Providence - Bill Stephens Photographs
Institutional Anniversaries

Winter 2008

From the Archivist: A Balancing Act in the Archives
New Accessions
A New Face in the Archives
Picturing Providence: Just in Time for Football Season

Winter 2007

From the Archivist: A Reflection on Sesquicentennial Research
A Journey Revisited
2007: A Year of Providence Anniversaries
Picturing Providence: PAV & the Columbus Day Storm of '62

Fall 2006

From the Archivist: Collaborate...Naturally!
Q&A: Leslie Hall, Archivist for Holy Angels Province
The Case of the Sirop de Gomme
On the Lookout for Artifacts
Picturing Providence: A Tale of Two Ships

Spring 2006

Exhibits for the Sesquicentennial
Sister Begins SP History Research
Praxedes of Providence: Foundress, Missionary, Leader
Picturing Providence: May the Month for Mary and Mothers
Sesquicentennial Commemorative Timeline
Verbatim: The Spring Winds (a poem by Sr. Margarita Acosta)

Winter 2005

Yakima Valley Ministry in Retrospect
From the Archivist: Team Archives
Christmas Past: Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, Wallace, Idaho
Picturing Providence: Bearers of Gifts
2006: A Year of Providence Anniversaries

Summer 2005

A Calendar to Mark the SP's 150th Year
Medford's "New" Window
Anniversary for Local Archivists
Picturing Providence: Serious Work
From the Archivist: City in Peril, Archives at Risk

Spring 2005

Legacy in Stone
A New Space for Artifacts
Reader's Corner
Picturing Providence: From Panels to Pixels
Archivists Take Lead 2005: A Year of Providence Anniversaries

Fall 2004

A Repository for the Future
Four at the Forefront
Christmas in the Northwest--1856 Style
Regal Dessert
Did You Know...Santa Claus was admitted at St. Peter Hospital
Picturing Providence: O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

Summer 2004

From the Archivist: Your Story is Our History
Did You Know...The Sisters of Providence published in 1869 a highly regarded pharmacopeia
A Feast for the Eye: The New Mural at St. Joseph Residence, Seattle
Picturing Providence: Sowing Seeds of Faith

Spring 2004

Chapel Windows Find New Home Abroad
Did You Know...Sister Foundresses Were Almost Expelled from an Indian School
Page Turners: New Books on Providence History
2004: A Year of Anniversaries

Fall 2003

From the Archivist: Northern Sojourn
"Providence Provides," Debuts
Did You Know...The Academy in Sprague, Washington, taught an exceptional number of students who became Sisters of Providence

Summer 2003

Photograph Catalog Database Launched
Did You Know...Providence Yakima Medical Center had a record birth of six sets of twins during the first two months of 1935?
Touring History

Spring 2003

Superior General and General Council Pay Visit
Union of Provinces Merges Archival Collections
Volunteer Historian Translates Records of Pioneer Nuns
Repository Renovation Notice
Historical Society Publishes Article on Montana's St. Patrick Hospital
2003: A Year of Providence Anniversaries

Winter 2002

Traditional Habits Sewn
Mother Joseph Year Ends
Did You Know: First group of SPs to arrive
Who's Who in the Archives: J. Norman Dizon, Asst. Archivist

Spring 2002 (no summer and autumn issues)

Report on Centennial Activities
A Patriotic Glimpse...
What's New in the Archives
Centennial Exhibit

Winter 2001  (vol. 9 no. 4)

Mother Joseph Centennial
A Year of Anniversaries
Reflections on Rome Meeting the "Tommys"

Autumn 2001

Beatification Events Collections Highlighted
Online Update
Did You Know: Mother Gamelin's Death

Spring 2001

Meet Our Visual Resources Archivist
News about Mother Gamelin and Mother Joseph
Did You Know: Providence Medford's 90th Anniversary

Winter 2001 (vol. 9 no. 1)

News From the Archivist
Providence Anniversaries in 2001
Did You Know: Mother Joseph and the AIA
Books of Interest

Autumn 2000

Mother Joseph in Hall of Fame
Did You Know: "$5 and Prayers"
School Collections Online
Archives Update

Summer 2000

Providence General Medical Center Exhibit Award
Archdiocese of Seattle Sesquicentennial Exhibit
ElderPlace Anniversary
Being Mother Gamelin

Spring 2000

Providence Anniversaries
New System Office Exhibits
Spokane Archives
Running with the Dogs in Nome

Winter 1999

Providence General Historical Exhibit
Sister Rita Bergamini Retires

The Importance of History