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These stories tell how we are working together to meet community needs and keep people healthy.

> Providence community health insurance project
> Partnering with the community
> Mental health outreach
> Partnering with business

Providence community health insurance project

In Southern California, the Providence Community Health Insurance Project has helped thousands enroll in the new insurance plans.

Recognizing an expanded role - assisting adults who now can afford insurance for themselves or their families under the Affordable Care Act - Providence’s Children’s Health Insurance Project (CHIP) program has changed its name to Community Health Insurance Project.

Through CHIP, our promotoras have been trained as state-certified enrollment counselors to help applicants find insurance under Covered California, our state’s gateway to insurance exchanges created under the ACA. Following the change, the team helped with approximately 250 insurance applications each month, double the previous number.

Promotoras, who are bilingual, work with low-income residents seeking insurance and have become experts in providing information about eligibility requirements as well as the various insurance plans available.

While health care reform brings challenges, Providence is reaching out to our communities to ensure improved access to quality and affordable health care for all.

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Partnering with the community

For so many of our patients, our Emergency Departments provide their primary health care. To better serve this population with affordable access to care, Providence has agreements with five low-cost clinics in the San Fernando Valley, primarily working with MEND – Meet Each Need with Dignity –and All Inclusive.

Uninsured patients who receive care in our EDs are referred to these neighborhood clinics for primary care and referred back to Providence as needed for specialists. This program allows us to live our core value of stewardship while living our Mission. More people are insured, but the need for low-cost care remains high among those who do not qualify under the Affordable Care Act. We help them as we strive to achieve our core strategy of creating healthier communities, together.

For some patients in need of specialists, it can take six to eight months to get an appointment at a county hospital. Within Providence, the wait is just a matter of weeks.

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Mental health outreach

She is one of our own, a volunteer Latina Health Promoter. She couldn’t escape the feeling of profound sadness and when she sought help, her physical issues were addressed, but not the root of her depression. Her family was unwilling to consider mental illness, a stigma in Latino communities.

She found the help she needed among the promotoras, who reach out to those who suffer both chronic and mental illnesses. The program provides counseling, support groups and psychological intervention.

Providence partners with the Tarzana Treatment Center to provide these services and in 2012 expanded to reach out to seniors and school children. Because mental illness is a sensitive subject, counselors tread lightly. They talk about how the healthy mind, and little by little discuss various mental disorders. Promotoras now are developing workshops where they will explore the importance of relaxation activities, nutrition and mental health.

A top resource is our own volunteer – who never felt better!

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Partnering with business

More than ever before the business community is investing in Providence and its outreach efforts by partnering to improve the health of our communities. Together we’re combating childhood obesity.

In 2013, Ford Foundation and Safeway Corp. grants expanded the South Bay’s COPA – Creating Opportunity for Physical Activity – a free program serving elementary schools in lower-income areas of the South Bay.

Our team has designed a model with special attention to overweight children. After-school fitness programs teach life-long lessons in nutrition and exercise that boost health, self confidence and fun!

The Safeway grant funds physical activity for the students and an obesity intervention program operated by COPA and Partners for Healthy Kids, our mobile clinic that provides clinical intervention.

The after-school program serves 50 children and includes parent education. The Ford grant serves the same population, and expanded the after-school program to two elementary schools in Lawndale, further advancing our strategic goal to create healthy communities, together.

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