Our Stories

The Providence Mission reaches out beyond the walls of its care settings to touch lives in the places where relief, comfort and care are needed. Our community benefit spending is about treating not just our patients and their families, but also about helping improve the overall health of the communities we serve. Through programs and donations, Providence’s community benefit connects families with preventive care to keep them healthy, fills gaps in community services and provides opportunities that bring hope in difficult times.

We collaborate with social service and government agencies, charitable foundations, community organizations, universities and many other partners to identify the greatest needs and create solutions together.

These stories tell how we are working together to meet community needs and keep people healthy.

> A chance at healing
> Meeting basic needs
> Improving mental health
> Caring for the whole person

A chance at healing

When people don’t have a family physician, they often turn to emergency departments for care when they have pain, chronic illnesses or non-life-threatening injuries. Providence is working with local resources to redirect people from expensive emergency departments to more appropriate and more affordable clinics where they can receive preventive primary care.

In Spokane, Washington, multi-agency collaboration provides care coordination for homeless patients with very complex health conditions. The project is focused on changing the way providers of various services engage with clients and coordinate care – from delivering needed services to providing housing and an environment in which clients can heal. For homeless clients, it’s the difference between repeat admissions to the hospital with nowhere to stay following discharge, to a chance at healing.

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Meeting basic needs

Providence has provided critical funding for the Covenant House emergency shelter in Alaska for the past 25 years. Covenant House addresses some of the most critical needs of those ages 13 to 20, paramount among them being basic health care.

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Improving mental health

In California, Providence has established local partnerships to provide outreach and education on mental illness to the Latino community. Our health promotoras work through churches and schools to identify those in need and refer them to the right place for help.

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Caring for the whole person

Hospice and palliative care services provide free bereavement education and support programs to help families and children impacted by the illness or death of a loved one. Providence Hospice programs in Washington provide access to Camp Erin ™, a free weekend bereavement camp for children and teens.

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