Mother Émilie Gamelin's Beatification Chronology of Events 


1851 - September 23

Mother Émilie Gamelin dies in Montreal, Quebec


Sister Thérèse Frigon, SP, begins historical research and compilation of official documentation on Mother Gamelin's life and legacy

1961 -
June 19

Émilie Gamelin Center established in Montreal to support historical research and to foster prayer to Mother Gamelin


1977 - October 8

Official opening of the Cause of Mother Gamelin by the Postulator, the Reverend Angelo Mitri, OMI

1981 -
May 31

Official Introduction of the Cause of Beatification, Notre Dame Church, Montreal

1981 - 1982

Three-person Historical Commission reviews and prepares 4,165 pages of biographical and historical documentation for presentation to Rome

1983 -
March 1-23

Diocesan Process for the Cause reviews and approves the historic documentation and testimony of contemporary witnesses

1984 -
July 13

Following review of the documentation, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints issues a Decree of Validity of the Diocesan Process

1985 - 1989

Preparation of the Positio, a 500-page synthesis of the biographical documentation and findings regarding Mother Gamelin's virtues and her reputation for holiness

1989 - September 23

Positio presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

1990 -
May 29

Six historians unanimously approve the historical accuracy of the Positio

1993 -
April 27

Nine theologians unanimously proclaim the Heroic Virtues of Mother Gamelin and recommend that she be declared Venerable

1993 - October 19

Cardinals unanimously approve the recommendation of the historians and theologians

1993 - December 23

Pope John Paul II approves the Decree of Venerability, declaring Mother Gamelin as a woman of heroic virtues and a model for persons of all walks of life


1997 - October 6-17

Diocesan tribunal reviews the medical case of Yannick Fréchette, cured of leukemia in 1983, as a presumed miracle due to the intercession of Mother Gamelin, and forwards the medical and spiritual testimonies to Rome

1999 - December 16

Doctors in Rome issue a unanimous judgment that the cure of Yannick Fréchette is inexplicable by medical science

2000 -
May 23

Panel of theologians issues a unanimous judgment that the cure of Yannick Fréchette was accomplished by God through the intercession of Mother Gamelin

2000 - November 21

Assembly of Cardinals and Bishops recognize the authenticity of the miracle

2000 - December 18

Pope John Paul II approves the Decree of Authenticity of the Miracle performed by God through the intercession of Mother Gamelin, and authorizes her Beatification

2001 -
March 27

Opening of Mother Gamelin's tomb and recognition of her remains, Sisters of Providence Chapel, Montreal

2001 - October 7

Émilie Gamelin is beatified by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, at the Vatican in Rome