Quotations, 1856-1860 

The following quotations are selected from the numerous letters of Mother Joseph preserved in the Providence Archives, Seattle.  The excerpts are arranged in chronological order; bold print indicates phrases that could be used separately from longer quotations (for posters, cards, etc.).

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"It seems to me we shall be happy to recall, in later years, these small beginnings." > To Mother Caron, Superior General (Montreal), December 21, 1856

"It is with the deepest trust and union with this good Mother, and in the name of the Heart of Jesus that I set foot on this land of Oregon, in order to labor with all my strength to carry out the designs of God for this work…. The thought of being in charge of guiding others and of managing our house, of training young Sisters with my inexperience, my unpleasant nature, my ignorance, all of this felt like such a burden…. In fact, the Divine Heart knew the simple motive which prompted me to offer myself, leaving all in order to do His will, and it seemed that this was the whole reason behind the new career awaiting me.  With this, my trust was open to all eventualities." > To Mother Caron, December 21, 1856

"We need Sisters who can make themselves all to all in order to attract the people." > To Mother Caron, December 21, 1856

"Our works!  Alas, they are very small as yet." > To Bishop Bourget, December 29, 1856

"We must not expect great achievements in the near future, but we must be able to do what needs to be done … to do what others do not want to do." > To Father A. F. Truteau, Vicar General (Montreal), April 19, 1857

"We entrust ourselves to Divine Providence and do our best…. More and more, I feel that to be happy, I must reach out and relieve the destitute." > To Bishop Laroque, August 15, 1857

"From time to time I seek to hide myself in the Heart of our Lord."  > To Bishop Larocque, August 15, 1857

"If I can but bring glory to God, even at the expense of my own spiritual interest I will rejoice." > To Bishop Laroque, August 15, 1857

"We all embrace in advance the works that God may choose to aid us in our endeavor to make Him known and loved."  > To Mother Caron, November 19, 1857

"The devotion to our Mother of Sorrows is the precious heritage which our dear Mother Gamelin has bequeathed to her family, as well as to our little Community." > To Mrs. Francois Leclaire, a friend in Montreal, April 8, 1858

"We have had much consolation in having begun a small hospital." > To Bishop Bourget, December 8, 1858

"I do not think that we should wait until we are as well organized as in the East before we act to respond to the needs.  It seems to me that we should be glad to feel the pinch, in order to do good." > To Bishop Bourget, December 18, 1858

"We have accepted all that Divine Providence has sent us [and] try to remember that you have called us to be Servants of the Poor." > To Bishop Bourget, December 27, 1858

"Everyday I renew my oblation, happy to have sacrificed all for love of the interests of our sweet Jesus who more and more holds me captive in spite of all my miseries."  > To Bishop Bourget, December 27, 1858

"I have a longing to serve our Lord and I know He loves me in spite of my unworthiness." > To Bishop Bourget, February 1859

"All the Sisters are cheerful and seem happy, while undergoing the sacrifices which distant missions always impose, the first of which is being deprived of seeing you and hearing you." > To Bishop Bourget, January 1860

"And now a word on our hopes for the orphan girls.  You may have heard that we are building them a temporary lodging, which should be ready next week.  The Bishop has furnished the lumber; as for the rest, Providence will provide." > To Bishop Bourget, January 1860

"We shall not hesitate to continue our works.  God will not allow them to fail." > To sisters at the Mother House, January 14, 1860

"We would be remiss in not trusting Providence, which has served us so well thus far." > To Father Truteau, Vicar General (Montreal), October 21, 1860

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