The Medical Products Recovery & Donation Program 

It’s estimated that each year U.S. healthcare facilities dispose of literally thousands of tons of un-used medical products and equipment.  In many cases, these are products that have been discontinued in the conversion to a newer product, are the un-used components of an opened procedure packs, or are sample products provided in bulk by vendors.

Often older, but still functioning, medical equipment and furnishings are disposed as scrap to make way for the newer, upgraded equipment or furnishings.  In any case, these are products and equipment which are desperately needed in economically developing countries.

CHUMA International provides an outlet for the collection of new, like-new, and un-used medical products and used equipment.  Products collected and shipped to the collection center will be carefully inspected, categorized, packaged and shipped to countries in need.  Equipment will be bio-medically checked and maintained for clinics and hospitals that otherwise would do without.

We are interested in establishing on-going donation partnerships with hospitals, healthcare facilities and physician practices.  Our staff can provide guidance and assistance in starting an effective collection and recycling program.  Healthcare organizations, manufacturers and distributors interested in donating medical products and equipment, whether as a one-time donation or on an on-going basis, are encouraged to contact Ray Reyes at Providence Health International.