June 2014
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 Aileen Kim, MD Alma Sophia Draper, NP Annette Schall, Pharm D Arleeann Santoro, Pharm D Brooke Payton Christina Rickert Cynthia Derksen, RN Dominique Greco, MD Douglas Sigaran, RN Elizabeth Bierer Evelyn Enriquez Heide Provencher, FNP Hilary  Linton, DMD Rev. James Clifford  Jayna Sekijima, DDS Jean Boyd, PT Jennifer Hunter, R. Ph. Julia Doyle, FNP Kate Vanskike Kathryn Powers Kayleen Shiiba, MD Kendra Darnell, RN Kimberly Crihfield, MD Lakshmi Boyapati, DDS Mark Wakai Michael Blauer Pamela Lloren, DDS Paul Wilkinson Phil Stalp Robert Wells, MD Robin Henson, MD Ronda Nakoa, NP Sandra Tristan Sarah Wallner, RN Saudamini Gadgil, DDS Scott Hancey, RN Sina Li Staci Wright Taylor Berry, DDS Timothy Lewis, MD Walter Gary Hoffman, MD William Barnes
Team leaders:   Scot Gudger   Janice Burger   Jane Wilson, RN   Mark Thomas   Bob Wells, MD
Creating healthier communities in Guatemala
Together we are making communities in Guatemala healthier thanks to the time, talents and caring generously donated by our caregivers. In the month of May alone, nearly 2,500 people have been served through public health and medical interventions.
May service teams


First village medical outreach team 

35 caregivers from Providence and Swedish came together in our first village medical outreach team. In one week, this skilled team treated acute illnesses for a total of 2,000 patients and performed 1,000 tooth extractions for those who are poor and vulnerable in Guatemala. Of these patients, 450 were identified for surgery to be completed by our global health partner Faith In Practice. Read more.

Stove team finishes work in Sehaquiba
A second team of caregivers returned to Guatemala's remote Mayan village of Sehaquiba, bringing the total of cooking stoves installed for this community up to 85. Families are large in this region, and it is estimated that more than 1,000 people have been served. Read more
Swedish makes Elvin's first trip to the dentist possible

Dentists from the Swedish Community Specialty Clinic in Seattle closed their doors for one week to provide free dental care in Guatemala. This was 4-year-old Elvin's first trip to the dentist. He and his family waited in line for several hours to see the dentist. He had what is called baby bottle tooth decay - a common health issue in Guatemala - in which sweetened liquids cling to a toddler's teeth causing decay and pain.  


His mother, Dora, explained how although they would have liked to have pulled Elvin's teeth before, it's expensive in their town and too difficult to travel elsewhere for dental care. Read more. 

"Thanks to Providence, our dreams came true"

"Throughout our lives as Latin American medical students, we have dreamed about the opportunity to travel out of the country to study after graduation. In a foreign country, we can get to know how everything works, and see all the technology that exists. Thanks to Providence, our dreams came true." Read more

First residents pave the way in pilot rotation program

As the first two residents to participate in a pilot rotation, Kristina Bajema, MD and Amanda Rosen, MD paved the way for future residents to follow in their footsteps. The two doctors from Providence Portland Medical Center traveled to Guatemala in Providence's pilot rotation program. They worked alongside Guatemalan medical students in clinical outposts and made home visits to remote villages. 

Next trips

Aug. Promotora Conference

Team leader: Marie Mayen-Cho


Sept. 18-25 Leadership Delegation Visit

Team leader: James Harker


Sept. 20-28 Public Health
Team leaders: Mary Cranstoun and Sharon Toncray  


Oct. 24-Nov. 1 Surgical Relief
Team leaders: Katherine Bullard and Susan Kilgore

Faces of Guatemala
Visit our facebook page to see the many faces of Guatemala captured by Providence caregiver and photographer, Kate Vanskike from her recent service trip.

In memory of

Dan Bumgarner

Sadly, Dan Bumgarner of Providence Medical Institute, passed away on June 6. He volunteered in Guatemala with a public health service team in February, 2014. He was a master at solving riddles and we remember his thoughtfulness during the week we spent with him. We hold his family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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