Dominican Republic 

Volunteer:  Brad Jackson RN
PH&S Facility: Providence St. Vincent Medical Center
Country Visited: Dominican Republic
Trip Dates: January 19 – 23, 2011
U.S.-Based Sponsoring Organization or Program:   Creighton University

This is the second year that I have gone on this mission….Our group’s contribution was 15 total hip surgeries.  We worked in less than optimal conditions and with far fewer instruments than usual and our supplies were stretched.  This makes me very grateful for our system that we have at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.  Last year we left without doing a surgery on a man due to lack of supplies.  I was personally pleased to have been scrubbing in the room where this man got his hip this year.  It was also good to work with more Dominican doctors this year.  They know how to motivate their staff to find needed equipment to help complete a procedure.  My sense of mission at Providence is that even as needy as the people are in the Dominican Republic, I realize that there are needy people throughout the Providence system and I am grateful that you were able to help with this mission to the Dominican Republic….