…My heart fluttered as I received my curriculum for the two weeks:  the reproductive system.  These girls, though uneducated, are not unintelligent and it surprised me to realize they knew very little and often had mistaken information about their body and its function.  AIDS was unknown yet they did know of “an illness” that killed many of their people.  I felt the weight of responsibility to teach them in a clear and concise way about their bodies and how to honor God with their bodies.  Our discussions were frank and often humorous.  These girls had a true desire for correct information and a resolve to live in a way to honor God with their bodies.  The need for health education is great.  I hope my small effort was of help.

Christina Sheppard, RN, Providence Everett Medical Center
Sponsored by: Rafiki Foundation
Ghana, November 7-20, 2004