…All the physically disabled students we saw had grave deformities of the feet, legs, and spine, and little to no resources, equipment or access to medical care, but all were grateful, smiling, friendly and willing to try the various exercises Shae and I came up with!  We tried to give several usable tips to each student based on their individual needs.  We often had very limited time and certainly no access to medical records or equipment and we felt quite humbled, thinking of our American 45 minute evaluation sessions, padded exam tables, access to records, relatively new equipment and multiple resources!....The time flew and I was sad to leave.  I feel changed internally in many ways by the experience, thinking about the extreme poverty that we observed in the city, the lack of public sanitation and running water, the lack of medical care and the high incidence of AIDS and other communicable diseases.  I was so impressed by the kindness and generosity of the people we met.  I was reminded that although skin color, language, religion and location on the globe are foreign, these are people with families, feelings, needs, dreams and laughter.  I felt inadequate in my “professional offerings” because of the overwhelming need but felt very appreciated and thanked……

Debbie Van Velzer, Physical Therapist, Providence St. Peter Hospital
Sponsored by: India Partners
January 6-17, 2006, India