We just returned on April 1, after spending four long days doing surgeries and outreaches to four villages.  There were 17 surgeries done in not the most ideal circumstances.  They ranged anywhere from a facial scar revision, cleft lips, hernias, hysterectomies, nasal polyp, gall bladder removal, and a modified radical mastectomy.  Under such primitive conditions it is not surprising that there were some tense moments.  Thankfully, all patients did well…..The opportunity to share the skills I have acquired with people who most of the time do without any medical care was rewarding and in keeping with the Providence values of compassion and respect……

Linda Bowman, RN, Providence St. Peter Hospital
Sponsored by: Mexican Medical Missions
March 25-April 1, 2006, Palenque, Mexico

We don’t know how lucky we are to have a stable healthcare system and how well nurses are respected by other medical professionals.  I saw many things that made me even more grateful for the system in the USA but the thing that struck me the most was the fee-for-service patients had to pay up front for services such as X-rays, EKG’s, lab work, medications, etc.  If the patient was unable to pay, they didn’t receive the intervention.

Tiffany Edwards RN, Providence Portland Medical Center
San Migel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, February 26-March 26, 2006

We are so fortunate here in our work towards preventative medicine.  During our health care clinics we did blood pressures, one touch, hand hygiene, food pyramid, importance of drinking plenty of water and saying “No” to drugs and alcohol.   We caught some very high blood pressures and blood sugars that were then referred to the Doctor who was at each clinic.  We got a good response and questions from the other stations as well….it was refreshing to feel the positive response.

Cindi Bramlette RN, Providence St. Peter Hospital
Sponsored by: Mexican Medical Missions
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, December 2-10, 2005