…It was a typical day working at the jobsite, volunteers shoveling away dirt, using picks to manhandle deep-roNicaraguaoted roots of trees out of this soil so rich in color it reminded me of the red rocks in Denver, Colorado.   I was standing at the top of the landsite next to Catalino (the health promoter) observing how hard everyone was working and what progress we were making with just two days into the project.  I realized we were shoveling away so many memories of the people of Cumica, but in the same thought we were opening the doors to a life of hope, wellness, and opportunity.  Catalino and I looked at each other, words were not exchanged, but tears began to fall upon my face and his face simultaneously.  I wondered what he was thinking and feeling at that moment…..Catalino said, “… I am so grateful for your efforts in helping my country and I will pray that you will return to Cumica in the future, God has sent you to us, for we have prayed for you for many years.”  At that moment I realized I was there by choice but it was fate that brought me to the community of Cumica.  I will remember the people of Cumica Norte for a lifetime and will pray for their future.  I promised I will return and I will do so…

Erin San Angelo, RN
Providence Everett Medical Center
Nicaragua, January 10-20, 2009
AMOS Brigades Program Service and Learning Opportunities