…One situation I will never forget was in the hospital in Butare.  There was a boy who had come in with complications from Malaria.  There was oxygen hooked up but was making no difference.  When I explored more into the situation I found that the oxygen tubing was full of holes.  I taped up some of the holes but despite all my remedies the child was still not able to get the amount of oxygen he needed.  This was the only oxygen tubing that the pediatric unit had.  It made me very grateful for the resources we have here in America.  When I’m working here at PMK I never have to wonder if our oxygen tubing is going to have holes in it or not.  At the same time as being grateful I also realize how precious our resources are and how important it is to use them wisely.

Kasey Lix CNA, Providence Milwaukie Hospital
Sponsored by: Hope Rowanda
Rwanda, April 16-July 9, 2006