I wanted to help other professionals, parents and caregivers by imparting information.  What I felt I did was give hope and love by coming in person to them.  The people of Ukraine have suffered a lot under the former rule of the Soviet Union…….They have not been reinforced for independent thinking and problem solving which they are trying desperately to know to do to help children.  I wanted to help in a grassroots kind of way, and this made me fully realize to the core of my being what my calling is, that is to help special children and their parents.  This trip renewed my love and commitment to children and to advocate for the handicapped in general, realizing the value of all persons, no matter their nationality or handicap.
Cris Blair, Speech Language Pathologist
Providence Children’s Center (Everett  WA)
Sponsored by: Caring Partners International
Ukraine, September 22 – October 8, 2006

Our first week we stayed and worked at the Children’s hospital for chronic disease, located in small village of Novo-Aleksandrovka.  The hospital has 120 beds and accepts children with chronic disease from all over the country.  We brought them medical and hygiene supplies and 90 blankets….I  had time to teach personnel and children about personal hygiene. …The next week we stayed in another village and held a five day camp for homeless and poor  children……. While our group spent time in camp my friend D. Martsin, RN and I visited the local hospital…..the 20 bed hospital is in really poor condition.  They
did not have running water…..we brought hand sanitizer bottles.  They could
clean their hands without water.   It was a big improvement for them.  Also, we brought them sutures and dressings and demonstrated their use.  They’re still resterilizing and reusing their sponges and other dressing materials…….. 
Anna Borisov, Cardiac Technician, PEMC
Sponsored by: Hands of Hope for Humanity
Ukraine, June 18 – July 5, 2006

Ukraine….We traveled to small villages that had no water or roads…We worked at three different orphanages in Siberia for two weeks and a children’s shelter in Ukraine for one week.   My goal was to deliver medical supplies and medications to the orphanages and hospitals, do teaching about smoking, drugs and alcohol….Also, I did in-service for medical personnel on how to use equipment for cardiac procedures…..As a health care provider, I learned to be thankful for the high technology we have here.  Also, I learned how to survive without simple hygiene items or water.  I Ukrainelearned how to teach people and share my personal knowledge.  I plan to produce a video about my trip to share with my friends and co-workers.  I am really thankful to Providence International Missions for supporting my trip.

Anna Borisov, Cardiac Interventional Specialist
Providence Everett Medical Center
Sponsored by: Hands of Hope for Humanity
Russia and Ukraine, June 17 – July 5, 2005