3 and 4 Years - Blue Room 

Messages & Reminders

  • 8/13 Garage Sale!
  • 8/26 Movie and Pajama Day!
  • 8/31 1st Day of school

August 2016

Wow! The last month of summer already! I can’t believe it. It seems like it just got started!

This month we will be spending our last days of summer sailing the high seas and learning the best places to high treasure as we talk about pirates! Our pirate adventures will bring us through the ocean to discover what lives the deep blue sea, and then on to the shores of Hawaii. We will talk about island life and maybe even have a luau.

To finish up the summer we are having a field day in the first week of August (the exact day just depends on the weather). We will be able to bring squirt guns and have a water fight! We will also be designing our own t-shirts!

On August 13th we will be having a garage sale! If you have any items you would like to donate you can bring them in anytime!

We welcomed some new friends to the Blue Room in July and said our see ya laters to some others. Gauge, and Teagan joined us from the Purple Room, and Ryder and Oliver moved up to the Green Room.

The last week in August is when we say our hellos to new friends from purple as we say good bye to all of our friends headed to Kindergarten. We can’t wait to spend the last bit of summer having some incredible adventures!