8 to 14 Months - Yellow 2 

Messages & Reminders

  • July 4: Closed for Independence Day.
  • Please take home baby grams every night.
  • Provide an extra change of cloths.
  • Keep Infant feeding schedules updated.
  • Bring in sun screen and sun hat.

July 2016

We are loving the sun, green grass, thunderstorms and warmth that come with our beautiful Montana summers!

Yellow 2 would like to welcome Eli and Shamus who have moved over from the nursery. We would like to welcome our new friends and families Ben, Quin and Annsyn to St. Thomas.

We have had a few staffing changes as well. Fawn has taken a short leave to spend the summer with her children. Allison has moved over to the nursery from yellow 2, Pam and Amanda will stay in yellow 2 with Isabell our new afternoon gal working the closing shift.

We are excited for all the fun heading our way as summer warms up. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy some time in the sun (but mostly shade) and even a few walks in the strollers around the neighborhood.