8 to 14 Months - Yellow 2 

It's back to school! The summer sure flew by fast but we hope you had a great one! We have lots of changes going on this month and lots of fun too.

We would like to welcome our new friend Keegan. She just started and we hope she is having a great time and is enjoying the time with us in the yellow room. We also have a new teacher with us and her name is Rosemary. The babies sure love her and so do we! 

This month we are going to have lots of fun crafts and activities! We will be exploring bugs and getting in touch with our five senses too. We will be reading books about bugs, singing bug songs and making a caterpillar with our feet. We are also going to feel, smell, hear, and touch our way through the last few weeks of September. It should be a great time!

Thank you
Sandra, Rosemary, Jeanie